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Buying your first mountain bike is a massive deal. This machine is going to change your life: guaranteed. It’s important then that you make the right decision. Of course, you don’t want your first bike to cost an arm and a leg. You’re not even sure the sport’s right for you. It’s smart then to buy a bike that has 28 years of thinking behind it, incorporating trail geometry born from millions of hours of riding experience. The Fire Mountain, with new 27.5-inch wheels, is the ultimate balance between cost and performance. This won’t be your last mountain bike (although, it could last that long).

购买人生中第一辆山地车是具有重要意义的一件事。我们可以保证,您所选择的这台机器将会改变您的生活。因此,做出正确的选择就显得尤为重要。当然,在对这项运动还不太了解的情况下,您并不希望自己的第一辆山地车贵得离谱。所以,从一个有着28年山地车制造经验的品牌手里接过自己的第一辆车是一件非常靠谱的事。Fire Mountain就是可以担当您第一辆山地车的车型,她在价格和性能之间达到了完美的平衡。虽然她可以伴您很久,但请相信我们,这决不是您最后一辆山地车。