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Formidable entities don’t just happen. They take time. Dedication. Commitment. We’ve been making Kona Cinder Cones for 28 years, and while the bike has changed remarkably over the years, one constant remains—it always serves the goods. For 2015, one the most popular models in our history continues the legacy with a light, sweet handling Scandium 69 frameset, 27.5-inch wheels and smartly selected components. Quite simply, a mountain bike to live by.

一款实力强劲的车型并不是偶然出现的,她需要时间的历练。专注于此,全心投入,Cinder Cone车型我们已经生产了28年。虽然这么久以来Cinder Cone不断演变,但她始终服务于最优秀的车手。2015年,这款我们产品线中销量最好的车型之一将继续她的辉煌之路。她配备了轻量化便于操控的Scandium 69钪合金车架、27.5英寸轮组以及经过精心选择的零配件。极致精简,却能伴你一生。