MTB27.5硬尾 KULA
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If you’re focused on laying down some heavy trail beats, prepare to shatter all foes on the all-new 27.5-inch Kula race machine. Designed for lightning quick Trail and XC riding, and featuring a speedy Scandium 69 tubeset, the 2015 Kula introduces a new chapter in one of our longest-running models. A 100mm RockShox Recon Gold Solo Air 100mm fork, routing for Stealth dropper post and Shimano components round out a ride that’s huge on the price per fuzzy-feelings quotient.

如果你想去骑车撒撒野,那么就准备把你的全部精力都交给这台全新的27.5英寸规格的竞赛机器吧。2015款Kula针对如闪电般迅猛的林道和XC骑行风格设计,采用了Scandium 69钪合金管材。她为我们历史最悠久的车型翻开了新的一章。Kula搭配100mm行程RockShox Recon Gold单气室前叉,预留了内走线升降座杆线位,采用禧玛诺品牌配件,具有超高的性价比。