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Huge value and a serious knack for speed comes podium-delivered with the Kona Carbon Race Light monocoque frame and perfectly selected components of the Big Kahuna. The geometry is pure Kona XC: short chainstays for responsive handling, stiff design for effective power transfer, and progressive angles that perfectly balance ride comfort with speed. From hard climbs to technical singletrack and all the long, hard miles of sweet singletrack in between magically turn into smiles a mountain range wide.

这款配备了Kona轻量竞赛型一体式碳纤维车架的Big Kahuna性价比超高,配备了一系列精心搭配的零部件,具备登上领奖台的实力。她的几何结构设计是满满的Kona XC风格——短后下叉可以带来灵活的操控性;坚固的材料可以更好地传递力量;先进的角度很好地将骑行的舒适感和高速性能结合在一起。无论是艰苦的爬坡路段,还是技术型的单车道,Big Kahuna都能让您的脸上挂满自信的微笑。