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New for 2015, our tried-and-true, entry-level dual-suspension XC speedster comes with a light and lively Scandium 69 frameset, further adding to the range of this wildly capable mountain bike. Featuring the same refined Race Light geometry and precisely tuned suspension as on the Hei Hei Supreme, the Hei Hei is best described as a true freedom enabler. Light on the wallet and smooth on the trail, with 120mm of front travel and 100mm of rear, as well as Stealth dropper post routing, let this beauty take you into the high-rev zone of off-road bliss.

2015年,我们这款经过千锤百炼的XC入门级软尾车型采用了轻量的Scandium 69钪合金车架,使其更能胜任狂野的山地骑行。她与Hei Hei Supreme车型具有相同的轻量竞赛型车架几何设计以及精心调校的避震系统,可谓是一个真正的全能选手。您无需花费很多就能享受痛快的骑行感受。这款Hei Hei拥有120mm前叉和100mm后轮行程,另外还预留了内走线升降座杆安装位。还犹豫什么,让这位性感美女带你去体验越野骑行的幸福感受吧。