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Winner of the Mongolia Bike Challenge, the BC Bike Race and TransRockies, the Kona Carbon Hei Hei Supreme is about as much fun as you can possibly have on a 100mm dual-suspension XC race bike. Designed around our quick and efficient yet surprisingly plush Beamer Independent Suspension, with a short, laterally stiff, super-speedy rear triangle, the Kona Carbon Race Hei Hei Supreme is an amalgamation of everything we’ve ever learned about going fast on singletrack. Featuring Stealth dropper post routing and top-drawer components, this year’s model is all about annihilating the competition with a big ol’ smile.
“Surprisingly capable in technical conditions for an XC rig.”
—Bike Magazine (US)

Hei Hei Supreme碳纤维车型可以让你尽享100mm双避震XC车型的无限乐趣。她曾经赢得过蒙古自行车挑战赛、加拿大BC自行车赛和TransRockies等众多赛事。该车型以快速、高效同时又极度顺滑的连杆独立避震系统为基础进行设计,后三角侧向刚性强,同时可以提供快速的避震反应。这款碳纤维竞赛车型是我们的呕心沥血之作。2015款Hei Hei Supreme预留了内走线升降座杆的安装位,搭配顶级配件,足以让您信心十足地秒杀赛场上的一切对手。