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The Process 167 is the ultimate in DH/freeride/hardcore enduro, with the pedaling performance to get you to the top. A bike that Kona Team rider Graham Agassiz spins and flips with ease will also excel in the burliest of enduro races should you want to race it. As you can see from our product line, we believe in geometry before wheel-size hype; this bike is no different. The Entourage ripped because of its stellar combination of ultra-short chainstays (415mm), low BB (2mm drop), responsive 170mm travel and slack head angle (65). To fit 27.5-inch wheels in this frame we would have had to lengthen the chainstay, raised the bottom bracket, or reduced the travel. With proven geometry on the ultra plush, super stiff and reliable Process platform, rest assured the new 167 is going to be a trail scream. If you wanted to call this bike the new Stinky, we’d be ok with that.

Process 167无论在速降、自由骑或是硬派耐力骑行中都算得上是登峰造极之作。不仅在下坡过程中能担当重任,她出色的踩踏效果同样可以带着你爬到山顶。她可以满足Kona车队车手格雷厄姆·阿加西(Graham Agassiz)做出的各种空翻旋转的特技动作,也能够胜任你想参加的任何一场艰苦的耐力赛。从我们的产品线中不难看出,相对于时下流行的各种不同的轮径规格,我们更相信好的几何设计更能带来优异的骑乘感受,这款车也不例外。我们之前的Entourage车型之所以能如此优秀,得益于她将超短的415mm后下叉、2mm下沉的低五通、170mm行程以及65度头管进行了完美的整合。而这款Process 167同样也不例外,依托拥有顺滑避震感受、超强刚性和可靠性的Process平台,她必定能在赛道上叱咤风云。当然,如果你想把这款车称为新的Stinky,也是完全没问题的。