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The Process 153 DL is the master of burl when it comes to our Process line. The versatility of 27.5-inch wheels allows for exceptional pedal efficiency and control, while 153mm of Rocker Independent Suspension and a 160mm Pike fork keep you pinned on the descents. The linkage is laterally stiff and plush thanks to oversized pivots and bearings, while the frame geometry features a low BB, a slack 66.5-degree headtube angle, 40mm stem and the shortest chainstays possible for a nimble, responsive ride. New for 2015, the 153 DL comes updated with a SRAM X1 10-42t 11-speed drivetrain.
“The most fun 27.5 bike currently available...short travel has never been so much fun.”——Dirt Magazine (UK)

Process 153 DL可以算得上Process产品线中的王者了。配备的27.5英寸轮组兼具高效的踩踏和优良的操控,而153mm后轮行程的摇臂独立避震系统加上160mm的RockShox Pike前叉,则可以让您在下坡时自由发挥。这套避震系统横向刚性极佳,同时由于配备了大尺寸的转点和轴承,她的避震效果也相当优异。此外,优秀的车架几何,加上低五通位置、66.5度头管角度、40mm短把立以及超短的后下叉,为灵活性与互动性极佳的骑行感受创造了必不可少的条件。2015款 153 DL更是升级到了SRAM X1 10-42齿11速传动系统。