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One of the key design directives of the Process platform was to create bikes with the ultimate in fit. Since both smaller and lighter riders have told us they love the low standover and ease with which the front wheel comes off the ground on the 2014 Process bikes, we decided to take it one step further. By adding an XS size and tuning the parts kit towards smaller, lighter riders, the all-new Process 134 SE offers fast-riding tweens, women and men under 5'4" a bike specifically tailored to them. This is category-leading standover on a proven mountain-bike design that can tackle anything the off-road world can throw at it.

Process平台最重要的一项设计使命就是要开发出适合各种人群的不同产品。身高和体重较小的车手们告诉我们,他们喜欢2014款Process车型的低跨高和短后下叉的设计。于是我们决定更进一步,增加了XS号的车架。同时整套零部件也为这些身高和体重较小的车手们进行了特殊的调校和搭配。这就是我们的Process 134 SE车型,专为青少年、女性和身高不足162cm的男性车手量身打造。她的跨高高度在业内堪称最低。再加上优良的设计,Process 134 SE车型在越野骑行中可谓所向披靡。