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The hallmark of our tried and true 134 series is all about providing great ride quality at an incredible price. Centered on a light, durable, aluminum frame, the Process 134 is the ultimate synergy between geometry, pedal efficiency, rolling resistance, travel, weight, stiffness, durability, price, and of course, the ultimate measure: Big Fun. Featuring oversized bearings for ultimate long-term suspension performance, a low BB for a trail-connected center of gravity, and a leverage rate curve that keeps the bike high in its 134mm of rear travel. Up, down and across, for those who like to ride it all, this is your bike.
“Arguably the most cutting-edge trail bike on the market.”
—MBR Group Test Winner (UK)

经过我们反复锤炼的134系列旨在为用户提供价格实惠却品质优异的骑乘体验。Process 134车型以轻量耐用的铝合金车架为基础,完美融合了各种元素——车架几何、踩踏效率、滚动阻力、行程、重量、刚性、耐用性、价格、当然还有最重要的一条,那就是乐趣。超大尺寸的轴承带来的是避震系统持久的优异性能;低五通设计可以保证重心与路面保持贴合;同时独特设计的避震曲线又能确保134mm的后轮行程不会轻易触底。无论您喜欢爬坡还是下山,或是进行穿越骑行,Process 134就是您的专属座驾!